‘Fainting’ goats at Ward Ag Center Saturday


‘Fainting’ goats at Ward Ag Center Saturday | goats, Ward Ag Center, fairgrounds

Although they technically aren’t the eighth wonder of the World, these goats sure are interesting.

Myotonic “fainting” goats are coming to the James E. Ward Agricultural Center this Saturday for the annual International Fainting Goat Association show.

The IFGA will host two shows at 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. to promote this American breed and educate everyone.

“The myotonia – temporary but sustained locking of muscles – is a curiosity to some and the subject of many YouTube videos, but those who own them are captivated by their easy going nature and adaptability. They are easy on fences and are considered a three-way goat because they are bred for meat, show and also as pets,” Linda Harrison of Green Pastures in Hermitage said.

“There will be goats for sale and yes, you are likely to see a goat faint.”

This “fainting” is a reaction that occurs when the goat is panicked or startled and their muscles freeze up for a matter of seconds causing the goat to stiffen and fall over.

Members of the IFGA will be on-hand during the event to offer education to the public.

For more information, visit blessedgreenpastures.com.

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