A Christmas Miracle...

Angel Kane

The next call went something like this...

Me: I need you and Zoe to go out to the garage and clean out the freezer.

Firstborn: What? Why?

Me: I bought half a cow and Daddy will be home with it tonight.

Firstborn: What are you talking about? What is half a cow? Why are you always doing things like this to us?

When I got home that evening, I was met with four sets of eyes, all with a look of complete disbelief.

Angry mob: Do you have any idea how much a half a cow is?

Me: No idea. Is it a lot? Denise said it would be.

Angry mob: You don't even cook. And salad and sandwiches don't count!

And therein lies the real SURPRISE.

So, as I checked out my half a cow... that now filled two entire freezers... I noticed there were words written on the outside of each package. The kindly butcher had provided me with what could be best described as - hints.

Some packages said "stew", others said "patties", while others said, "roast".

Me: I've so got this! I'll treat it like a game. All I have to do is find recipes to match the hints. This can be my Christmas present to everyone.

Firstborn: We threw away ice cream and pizza rolls for a game?

Brody: You threw away the ice cream?

And then the mob turned on itself....

But like all Christmas stories, this one has a happy ending.

For the last two weeks, I've surprised my little family of non-believers with the tastiest meatballs, lasagna and stew to ever grace the Kane household. Turns out, I'm not half bad at this cooking thing.

All I needed was some incentive....like only half a cow can do!

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