A Fashion Thought... Questions? Questions? We have Answers

Have you heard about the hair style of Kate, of “Kate and Jon plus Eight?” She is sweeping our emails? So many want THIS style. You too?  Kate advises that her hair is thick. “It will not work on thin hair.” Most of our hair stylists are ready and waiting to trim your mane. Hope this helps…

Mandy of Mt. Juliet wants to know the real truth about wearing white shoes. Most of you already know my rule on white shoes. Are you a Bride? Nurse? Under 12 years of age? No? White shoes make your feet look big! Please, choose tan or black for summer…I will be watching!

Gym shoes do not count.

Speaking of Gym shoes…they are made for the gym…not to wear with jeans. IF you are walking for exercise, then wear your gym shoes. There are simply too many cute shoes that go well with jeans. 

Kandice of Watertown needs a summer dress for a plus size. This IS the time for a dress. I want you to email me for a personal answer at Looknyrbst@aol.com.

Depending on your age, and you seem younger than 20, there are many places to look. I have some ideas for teens, just ask. Lane Bryant and Avenue have some of the prettiest around town. Select an A-line for the best fit. Some come with a jacket or you may want a cotton sweater for cool evenings.

Sharon of Lebanon wants to buy capris and wonder if they are still in style?Absolutely! Any store you walk into will have capris. While shopping with a client we found some really cute, colorful, and tapered legs. You know how some styles seem to be too big at the knee? This year they have added a bit of Spandex. Not a lot, just a bit. This makes a good fit and they do not wrinkle as much as 100 percent cotton. Sharon, if you are petite, you cannot wear regular sizes. They will be too long. Shop for yours in the petite section only.

Tip: Look for tops in the same area.  Most of the time you’ll find a matching top or blouse close by.

Jeannee of Madison needs “something” to hide her arms. Oprah is open about this concern. Truly, after 40 we need to address this for women.

Have you noticed the three-quarter sleeve sweaters for summer? They are cotton and cotton blend. You can wear these through the fall. Summer dresses or tops can have short sleeves. Depending on the cut and length you may want to add a jacket or sweater.  It does take some shopping to find longer sleeves in the warmer months. Jeannee, a catalog might be what you need. Go online and search www.catalog.com you will get some ideas.

I have a list for any of you that may be interested.

Marie of Watertown wants smaller size shoes. We have mentioned this before. Look online www.small shoes.com. Really, this works. You will find size 5 and under. Again, check online for catalogs. They are often free for the asking. You are not alone. I have a mother of the bride asking me the same question. If you have a specific style in mind call a shoe store. They have ideas and places to check out. Keep me posted. I am always searching for hard to fit sizes.

Karen of Lebanon wants some MODESTY in clothing. Karen, I wonder if you were in the audience on Mother’s Day at Immanuel Baptist Church?

They asked me to speak to the teens and Mothers about dressing modestly. This is a subject we all should think about. Seems no one is shocked anymore. Just check out clothing offered by some of the leading clothing industries!

Honestly, there should be a line drawn in the sand saying we have had enough! Any one else want to join us?

Karen, careful shopping is the answer. My clients know how to shop.We check out fabrics, style, cut, and yes, modesty.

Do not follow the media or the celebrities. Follow your standards in length, fit and proportions.

Jamie of Madison has questions about the new Jacket styles. Changes are coming. No, changes have come! You will see some big differences in the jackets this fall and winter 2009/2010. Shorter jackets are going, going, gone! Enter the longer, unconstucted, jackets. They call it the boyfriend jacket. You will recognize it as the 1980s padded, some double breasted, style. Yep, same as they wore on the TV show “Dynasty.” You can still see the re-runs on television. Check out the look.

You were alerted. The designers allowed us to keep this shorter style for over three years. That may be a record…

Jamie, the rules of fashion say, the longer the jacket, the shorter the skirt. The shorter the jacket, the longer the skirt.

Guess that means our skirts will be shorter?…duh!

Amy of Texas asks why are shoes so bold? Does anyone wear these colorful styles? Amy, it is always a treat to hear from you. You must have someone in our area that keeps you updated on “A Fashion Thought” from The Wilson Post. Yes Amy, many girls love the newest colors and styles of 2009 shoes. In fact, most will build their wardrobe around a favorite shoe. Agreed, IF you wear plaids or polka dots on your feet the rest of your outfit should be in a solid neutral color to make it work.

Carissa of Mt. Juliet wants to know if big hair is in? Carissa, I just got back from NYC and Chicago. Believe me, big hair is already there!

Let your locks grow. Look around you. Gone are the flat hair days.If you are interested, hair stylists are ready.

We welcome your questions. Email Looknyrbst@aol.com. Or call us (615) 773-5341.

Editor’s Note: Visit Judith Taylor, AICI, online at www.professionally-yours.com. She is a monthly contributor to The Wilson Post.