A Fashion Thought: The Real Cost of Beauty2012

Now lets talk about bling, bling. It is fun to watch the red carpet ladies adorned with all those sparkles. You could land a plane with the brilliance of their gems. If we could watch the red carpet area we would see a bodyguard with a watchful eye on the women with the jewels! Some of these beauties are rented for the event. One actress this year wore more than $12 million just on her neck.

They expect celebs to look fabulous, says one stylist. In consideration, I guess we have to pass on the remarks made about our Washington, D.C. women. They seem mild in comparison.

Lets get real and talk about how your money is spent. How much do you spend on clothing and hair in a month? We asked a few people and these were their answers:

Jacqueline told us that she spends about $200 a month on her hair.

Sandy says her nails cost her $150 a month.

Jeanie says her wardrobe changes, meaning the latest trends are so very important. I would rather not say. a quick wink and I could see her significant other was standing close by.

Many of my clients spend $$$ on accessories. Their shoe bills alone could feed a family of four.

OK, that is them. What do you spend? Most of us do not live in a land of plenty while some do

On a more modest scale, most of the people I shop for and with have a limited, budgeted, clothing allowance. It is always fun working with my clients. We can make them look like they are spending more than they really are. Their clothing speaks $$ but their wallets smile.

How can we spend money on our wardrobes with the headlines on the TV shouting cut back and save?

You must be in a fog if you have not heard the screams of shut downs and layoffs. Whether this is touching you or not, it pays to cut cost every way we can in light of todays economy.

When you think of hair styles, ask around. It might surprise you as it did me to find a wonderful stylist that costs less in our area.

Email me.I know one close by.

Shopping trips are often a daily occurrence for me. It seems like my clients are doing more consignment shopping than ever these days. No, we do not shop at all consignment stores, only the best! Email me..we can help.

We have a shoe store, close by, that will save you a bundle.

Why not look in your closet and then add a new accessory that will update that pant or dress? You dont have to always buy a brand new suit. You may have just what you need in your closet, and by adding a new blouse or fitted top to pair with your suit it will give you a put together look for less.

Scarves have made it back into the limelight. There are lots of colorful ones to add just the punch that could wake up an ordinary dress or outfit.

V-neck lines bring the attention upward to your face. Turtle necks can add a classic touch. A colorful sweater maybe just what your outfit needs to add some new life and a new look.

Rules have changed. When you were a teen someone may have influenced your taste. Maybe you were told just last year that you looked good in a wrap dress. They are right for some figures.

An A-line skirt is universal, they look good on all figures. It doesnt take a village to make you look good. Take a good look in your mirror. God made all our bodies beautiful. The sizes on the tags are put there to help you get an idea of size. FIT is what we are looking for. Rip the tag out if it bothers you.

Alterations are the answer. MOST all clothing needs a nip or tuck to get it just right for your body. Maybe we are not like the celebs who have a huge amount to spend on their wardrobes. However, you can always copy their look for a lot less. Let us show you how some magazines on the shelves today are telling you how to copy the look you love.

Watching how you shop will help and enable you to look good and spend less.

Shopping in your closets will allow you to remain fashion savvy and keep looking your best.

Remember we are always a call or email awayLooknyrbst@aol.com or 773 5341.

by Judith Taylor

Editors Note: Judith Taylor, AICI, CIP, is a monthly contributor to The Wilson Post. Her website is www.stylemanagement4U.com.