A matter of trust regarding issues confronting U.S., writer says

To the Editor:

It's a matter of trust.

This nation was founded and built upon a set of inalienable principles, among which were individual responsibility, limited government, free enterprise, state's rights and the opportunity for individual excellence. These are the bedrock principles that have led to our greatness as a nation and our leadership of the free world.

Ordinary Americans are a peace loving and tolerant people. We choose to quietly go about living our lives and allowing our neighbors to do the same. We do not choose to push our personal beliefs and values on others.

However, when our guiding principles and values come under attack, our privacy interrupted, our rights usurped by an out-of-control federal government, things we abhor forced upon us, and that which we have earned taken from us to "spread the wealth," there is a limit to which we can be pushed. Main Street Americans are fast reaching that limit.

Why are we seeing ordinarily peaceful citizens rising up to be heard at "tea parties" and ''town hall" meetings? It is because we do not trust the president or the federal government to act in our best interest or that of our children. This government has proven to be totally incapable of successfully managing anything. Every American drawing Social Security or Medicare has paid into the system their entire working lives. Millions of others have paid into the system for years yet haven't drawn out a dime. Where is the money? Squandered by power hungry politicians!

Why do we object to government health care? It's a matter of trust. Why do we object to cap and trade? It's a matter of trust. Why do we object to the appointment of unelected, unvetted, unqualified and unaccountable czars to oversee every aspect of society? It's a matter of trust. Why do we object to the president addressing our children? It's a matter of trust. Why is the president's approval now below 50 percent, the approval of congress hovering around 30 percent, and those believing our country is headed in the wrong direction approaching 60 percent? It's a matter of trust.

The lack of statesmen in this nation is becoming more obvious by the day. We have a president of questionable qualifications, abetted by an irresponsible congress, who in seven months has brought our nation to the brink of bankruptcy and mortgaged our children’s and grandchildren's future. America was not founded as a socialistic society. When asked what form of government had been decided upon, Benjamin Franklin replied, "A republic, madam, if you can keep it."

Mr. President and members of Congress, be assured "We the People" intend to keep it.

Wayne D. Leeper Lebanon

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