Accidental 911 call leads to pot bust on Hill Street

By PATRICK HALL, The Wilson Post
Narcotics Detectives with the Lebanon Police Department carried out a search warrant at 414 Hill Street in Lebanon, on Friday, Jan. 20, discovering one pound of what was believed to be marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Lebanon Police Chief Scott Bowen said they received a 911 open line that day and officers were dispatched to the location. Bowen explained an open line call is when they receive a 911 call but nothing is said. We have to follow up on that, Bowen said.

Upon arriving at the residence, officers reportedly noted a strong smell associated with marijuana smoke. While making contact with the residents, assuring there was no emergency Bowen said the odor of marijuana smoke was very prevalent. Drug paraphernalia was reportedly in plain view of the officers, who then notified Narcotics Detectives.

Detectives then obtained and carried out the search warrant of the residence, reportedly finding one pound of what was believed to be marijuana, a 9mm handgun, several items of paraphernalia, including baggies, scales, rolling papers, grinder and bongs, as well as over $900 in cash.

The information and evidence we have will be presented to the grand jury and we are looking for indictments against two individuals that live at the residence, Bowen said.

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