Adam Sandler to voice Dracula in Hotel Transylvania

Dear Ken: When did Little Rascals actor Jackie Cooper die? Didnt he star in a 1960s TV series about the U.S. Navy?

Cooper, who was nominated for an Oscar at the age of 9 for his role in the 1931 film Skippy, died May 3, 2011, at the age of 88. He appeared in 15 Our Gang comedy shorts, aka The Little Rascals, before going on to such feature films as The Champ and Treasure Island. Before the rise of Shirley Temple, he was the most popular child star of the early 1930s and was known as Americas Boy. He later appeared in all four of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies as gruff Daily Planet newspaper editor Perry White. On TV, he starred in the 1955-1958 series The Peoples Choice and then as Navy doctor Lt. Chick Hennessey in the 1959-1962 sitcom Hennessey. Interred at Arlington National Cemetery, Cooper served in the United States Navy in the Pacific during World War II. He remained active in the reserves for the next several decades, where he reached the rank of captain.

Dear Ken: Who was the singer who had the hit song Sunshine (Go Away Today) and where is he today?

Jonathan Edwards had a No. 4 pop hit with Sunshine in January of 1972. The Minnesota native, 65, lives in Portland, Maine, and continues to perform.Ive been . . . doing what I do best, which is playing live in front of people.Ive been concentrating on that and loving it, he says.His latest album is titled Live at Infinity Hall, and his youngest daughter, Grace, recently released a collection of songs and artwork called Made for a Change. Sounds as if the sunshine did not go away.

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