At age 101 Bro. W.L. Baker says we all have a purpose


Brother W.L. Baker, a renowned local Baptist minister, stood before a gathering of a 100 or so yesterday morning on the grounds of the Wilson County Fair, and announced that he was born in 1908, was 6-years-old at the time of World War I, and urged his audience to remember that “we all are here for a purpose.”

At 101-years-old, Brother Baker offered a blessing of thanks at the Lebanon/Wilson County Chamber of Commerce “Business Before Hours” social held annually at the Fair. The event traditionally honors those recognized as “Old Timers” by the Fair.

Before his prayer Brother Baker said he was asked once by his personal physician, Dr. Ken Anderson, as to whom he would attribute his long life.

Not speaking but pointing with his index finger upward, the centurion made it crystal clear to his attentive and quiet audience that it was God to whom he owed his longevity noting that “He gives us every breath.”

Brother Baker still lives by himself, drives his car and maintains a substantial garden.

The “Old Timers” recognized at the Fair were Frank and Carolyn Dudley, Alvin McKee and Mattie Ricketts.

The Dudleys are this writer’s mother and father-in-law and I can assure you that Carolyn is not happy about being anointed with the title “Old Timer.” Nonetheless we (the family) are still trying to assure her that this is a distinct honor.

On a separate note about the Fair, congratulations are in order with regard to this year’s attendance.

The largest crowd ever to attend a Wilson County Fair was recorded on Saturday at 105,779.

If you haven’t been yet, don’t miss this spectacular event.