Beavers won't seek county mayor's post

Others have speculated that there may still be one or even two names to surface from West Wilson County for the post, one being Mt. Juliet Mayor Linda Elam. Beavers’ announcement Thursday that she was vacating her candidacy for county mayor and instead would now seek re-election to her seat in the State Senate sent shock waves throughout the political community.

It had been rumored for several days that Beavers was considering the switch. Some had even said she was considering running for both offices, the State Senate and County Mayor, and had sought advice as to whether she legally could do so.

State Rep. Susan Lynn said earlier this week she had been hearing rumors for several days about what Beavers may be planning. She said she too had heard that Beavers may try to run for both jobs.

In political circles it’s generally known that Lynn and Beavers have a strong dislike for each other despite both being Republicans and both having a base of support from West Wilson County.

Some say the August primary race between the two is going to be a “cat fight.” Lynn said Thursday, “I’m in,” meaning she is moving her campaign forward for the 17th District State Senate. “I’ve been running since August. I got in this race because she (Beavers) said she wasn’t going to run. I got in the race in good faith,” Lynn said.

Asked if she felt betrayed by Beavers, Lynn hesitated then said “naturally a part of me struggles with that,” adding “there is an ethical concern in all of this.” She said “people have made important decisions about their future” based on Beavers announcement to not seek re-election in the senate and run for county mayor." Beavers’ reversal “has put everybody down the line in an uncomfortable position,” Lynn said.

Lynn reiterated that she is staying in the race for the senate seat. She said “I am running for this office because of my legislative record. I am proud of my record and it is a great pleasure to serve and work for the people I represent.”

Counties contained in the 17th District include Wilson, Clay, Smith, Macon, Trousdale, DeKalb, and a small portion of Sumner.  Lynn will start the campaign with more money than Beavers. She already has more than $62,000 in the bank reserved for the race. Beavers has depleted most of her political fund with transfers to the campaign she was running for county mayor.

However, political pundits say she can get that money back through some back door manipulating if she chooses and bypass current election finance laws.  The likelihood of a race between Lynn and Beavers is already attracting a great deal of media attention.

On a Nashville Scene Blog Thursday writer Jeff Woods reported “Sen. Mae Beavers has just completed her press conference in which she made the surprise announcement that she’s not running for Wilson County mayor after all but will instead seek reelection and try to beat the crap out of her nemesis Rep. Susan Lynn in the political grudge match of the century.”

Beavers made her official announcement about entering the state senate race at the State Capitol yesterday. Standing with her while she spoke were several Republican members of the senate. However, Beavers and others said she will receive no endorsement from the Republican senate caucus during the primary.

Also standing in support of her was local businessman A.J. McCall. McCall had announced earlier that he would run for the senate seat but removed his name from consideration several weeks ago.