Being grateful for Dr. Farrar


Sometimes we’re numbed by the ordinary and miss greatness as it moves among us. We’ve reached for celebrity and celebrities, accepting their luxuries, their awards, their performances, as matters of high importance. Yet, what rings true to us, what inspires us is usually far closer.

So it is when Tuesday morning, while working quietly at Carthage Hospital quite a remarkable man, a loving, accomplished, generous helping of a man whose broadness of spirit encompassed more than one continent, was injured -- quite beyond repair, left paralyzed, left to find the simple act of breathing unmanageable. Fractured neck vertebra, a small destruction in the great scheme of things, perhaps. But perhaps not.

Dr. Henry Farrar, father of six, grandfather, husband of Grace Johnson Farrar since 1950, medical missionary, founder of Nigerian Christian Hospital, friend, lover of singing and laughing and his Lord Jesus, never asked for fame, distinctions, awards.  He’s had a well deserved degree of that, but he’s always found contentment in the quiet ways of generosity, of help, of encouragement. 

How grateful we are for him, for those spectacular, fruitful quiet ways.

Editor’s Note: Anne Donnell writes “Ask Anne,” a column that appears each Wednesday in The Wilson Post. She noted that Dr. Henry Farrar, a native of Nashville, has lived in Lebanon and practiced medicine for many years. He has served as an elder at College Street Church of Christ and now at College Hills Church of Christ. He has continued his mission trips to Nigeria. Donnell said Dr. Farrar had what was called a "spell" Tuesday, falling and breaking his neck. He was admitted to Saint Thomas Hospital and his family has come from all over the county.  He's a national institution in the Church of Christ.