Burdick evidence OK'd

The search warrant was granted after detectives determined Burdick allegedly had been peeking in car windows in a Brentwood neighborhood using a flashlight.

Davidson County Criminal Court Judge Seth Norman ruled there was enough evidence to connect Burdick’s actions in the peeking incidents with the patterns of the alleged Wooded Rapist.

Investigators who searched Burdick’s found five guns, several boxes of ammunition, ski masks, tools to open locks, black and camouflage cloths, a device to drive dogs away another to stop dogs from barking knives and cameras, all of which may have bearing on the assault cases.

Burdick is suspected of committing at least 15 rapes in Davidson, Williamson and Wilson Counties. He was arrested May 1 by Brentwood Police. At the time of his arrest, Burdick was suspected of committing 13 rapes but was later charged in two additional attacks, one in 2007 in the Donelson area of Nashville and the other in 2006 in the Otter Creek Drive area.

Locally, Burdick is suspected of raping a 16-year-old girl in the driveway of her home in Wilson County late the night of Feb. 1. Authorities believe the girl was Burdick’s final victim before his arrest.

Authorities called him the “Wooded Rapist” because the attacks on the victims occurred in the late night/early morning hours at their homes which were in or near wooded areas. The attacks also occurred on nights when rain had fallen.

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