Can you feel it?


Spring is just around the corner. The daffodils don’t lie. They have been sticking their shoots above the frozen earth’s crust for two months, but now they seem to be making some progress growing. On the last sunny day even the honeybees were put but I didn’t expect to see them at the bird feeder. I guess it was the smell of the fermenting sunflower seeds that attracted them and since nothing else is blooming that’s about all they had to smell.

The snowdrops are blooming. They look like small versions of buttercups that have a tiny white flower that hangs down instead of being upright. And it may be my imagination but I think the goldfinches are getting a little more yellow in their feathers.

The spring croakers can now be heard along the creek bottoms. If you drive with your windows up you won’t be able to hear the subtle low creaking sound. Almost every spring they surprise me with their early intrusion into the winter silence.

Bird activity is starting to pick up as well. If you leave the shed doors open, the Carolina Wren comes in looking for a place to build its nest. They can put one together in a few days and like gardening gloves and hats, flower pots and boxes to build in. So be careful when you get out your yard work tools. I have been told that if you have to move a nest to rescue your favorite hat, if you put the nest back they will continue to use it.

The sun is getting a little higher in the sky and the days are getting gradually longer, although the last couple of days when it has been overcast all day you could appreciate it much. Orion, the great hunter of the winter, is getting higher and will soon set before the sun comes up. This year Mars and Saturn will replace it in the East. Can you imagine the ancients wondering where it went and why the planets reversed their march across the sky?

The water in the lake is clearing up after the last big rain. It usually takes a week after being muddy before settling enough to make fishing productive. Horace, our friend from church, came by in his boat with a story of catching 15 crappie that day.

As I think of all the good things of spring, I remember that April 15 is fast approaching. So I’d better put down the pen and get to work on my taxes.

Editor’s Note: George Robertson is a physician with Family Medical Associates, PC, in Lebanon.