Citizens should support Election panel chair

To the Editor:

I have served as a machine operator, judge, register, special judge, officer and machine technician in different elections for about 15 years in Wilson County. My experience has been very positive and I feel as my counterpart, Doug Thurley, states “the Hell with politics, we run a fair election in Wilson County.” In fact, we also agree, if you really want to get involved become a poll worker, but only if you want a fair election.

So what’s the problem with the Republicans exercising their gains in the state’s General Assembly by forcing out Election Commission Administrators? The Election Administrator is appointed by a bipartisan board of now two Democrats and three Republicans. The reason for the bipartisan board is to maintain fairness and to reduce the chance of politics getting in the way of the election process.

It seems to me by forcing the newly appointed board to force out the existing Administrator, so that the whole state of Tennessee election system is controlled by Republicans, just adds a new level of politics to the system. What do you think will happen next time the wind changes in the other party’s favor at the state level? Will this give us more or less trust in the election process? What would folks feel about a national election commission taking over the local control of the election process?

I think the results of this will be more distrust of our election system, and it will increase costs. You would not only be paying an experienced employee to run the office, but also an additional person without the knowledge who will remain only as long as their political party is in the majority.

The more politics we introduce into the election process the less the losing party will feel it’s a fair election. Let the local bipartisan board find the best fit, to run a fair, honest and accurate election no matter the party. By appointing Lynn Harris, by far the most experienced and knowledgeable person as Election Administrator, I feel this has been done. We in Wilson County need to support the newly bipartisan elected Chair Dolores Mackey and applaud her courage and steadfastness to do the best thing for Wilson County. We are fortunate to have such gallant people supporting our election process.

Bob PierceLebanon

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