City Council overrides Mayor's veto

They also passed first reading of an ordinance that would eliminate the “Mixed Use” zoning now in the code.

The council passed the second reading of an agreement to allow Atmos Energy Marketing to take over more of the management of the gas flow for the city of Lebanon’s natural gas supply. The agreement should help stabilize prices for natural gas for the city, according to Atmos.

There was also some discussion of the city sidewalk regulations. Under the current regulations, some developers are being required to build sidewalks in isolated areas where it is unlikely there will be a need for continuous sidewalks in the foreseeable future, as pointed out by Ward 6 councilor Kathy Warmath.

“They are sidewalks to nowhere,” she said, putting on her.

The council then decided to have a work session before their next meeting on Oct. 21 to discuss possible changes in the ordinance.

At that time they also plan to talk more about a request by Jeff Baines to hire a person to run the city street sweeper in house.

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