City settles Weeks, Dowell lawsuit

While Dowell and Self were sitting in a car, Weeks was outside the car, reportedly horsing around, but pulled his gun on Dowell and put it to his chest. Weeks said at the time the gun was not loaded.

Weeks was placed on paid administrative leave following the incident and he later took early retirement.

According to documents provided to The Post by Wright, the judgments include all costs and attorney fees accrued since the suit began and constitutes payment in full of any and all damages.

The acceptance of the judgment by Dowell and Self resulted in the dismissal of the case against all defendants, and the judgments do not preclude any admission of liability by Weeks or Craighead, nor that the plaintiffs suffered any damages.

The judgment offer documents indicated the judgment will not be construed as an admission of liability for any of the defendants, but is an economical and litigation costs savings offer.

Wright said the citys insurance company, TML, is to pay the $20,000 to both defendants.

Weeks is running for the Lebanon City Council Ward 5 seat, which is currently held by Haywood Barry, who is not seeking re-election.

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