Civic League -- 3 decades of service

For almost three decades, dedicated members of this African-American locally based organization have worked tirelessly to bring togetherness in our community.

The membership has worked to provide opportunities for many in so many different ways.

The Civic League has provided tutoring services, helped children to read, taught the importance of sound morals, and strengthened our community by advocating harmony and understanding among races, cultures and religions.

So much has happened since the Civic League was first organized.

Lebanon and Wilson County have taken giant steps in race relations just as our nation has. But here at home much of the credit for our advancement in this area can be attributed to the good work of the Wilson County Civic League.

The Civic League serves both young and old. The group addresses such issues as teen pregnancy, drug abuse, violence and other concerns and also cares for senior citizens through a special program focused specifically on this demographic.

Through the years of service by the Civic League to our community, much has been accomplished.

And, while a great deal of water may have passed under the bridge during this period, the Wilson County Civic League finds itself in 2011 still viable and still with a mission to fulfill in the community.

Congratulations on 27 quality years of service and best wishes for your continued success.

If you would like to attend the Annual Fellowship Dinner Saturday or make a contribution to the Wilson County Civic League, you may call 449-0719, email or visit