Congrats to winners

We have a new President in this historic election (although again, we don’t know who yet since this is being written early), but we wish him the best as he faces the many challenges ahead for our nation.

This has been a long race for President with strong passions on both sides. It is now time for us to come together, not as Democrats, not as Republicans, not as Independents and so on, but as Americans, ready to begin the work of righting our economy and our place in the world.

Likewise, voters in all three cities in Wilson County elected mayors and councilors and commissioners yesterday.

They have a tough job ahead of them, too. They must confront less-than-hoped-for revenues due to the slowing economy, and they’ll face challenges in leading their respective cities. Growth is still occurring in Wilson County and how to best pay for it remains the question.

Again, we extend our congratulations to all who won in yesterday’s election.