Dentist: Flouride prevents tooth decay

To the Editor:

The City of Lebanon needs to put fluoride back in the water for the following reasons:

Fluoride has been proven highly effective in decay prevention. Antigo, Wis. started fluoridation in 1949 and stopped in 1960. After 5-1/2 years, second grade children had 200 percent more decay. Antigo re-instituted fluoridation in 1965.

Similar results occurred in Wink, Scotland; Galesburg, Ill,; and many other cities around the world.

The cost of fluoridation for one child for a year is approximately 66 cents to 96 cents for a water system the size of Lebanon. The cost fixing one cavity for that child would pay for the fluoride for that child’s whole life.

If a child has fluoride at approximately 1 part per million in its water during the first 12 years of his or her life, then he or she will have less decay during their entire life.

As for safety, more doses of fluoride at proper concentration have been safely given than any other drug developed in the past 20 years.

W.L. (Wayne) Johnson, D.D.S.


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