Dress in Blue Day raises colon cancer awareness

There will also be nurse guided facility tours and physicians on hand to answer your most difficult questions. The event will be held on Dress in Blue Day, Friday, March 2nd from 5pm to 6:30pm. This is our way of getting the Lebanon community together to talk about a topic which can be difficult to discuss. Knowing the facts about colon cancer and preventative screening saves lives and that is what we hope to do with this event, said Teresa Hall, Administrator of Lebanon Endoscopy Center.

The purpose of Dress in Blue Day is to promote awareness about colorectal cancer and encourage people to get screened. Colorectal cancer is the #2 cause of death in the U.S. and this year will kill as many people as breast cancer and AIDS combined. The cancer often has no symptoms at all until its at an advanced stage, but is 90% preventable when detected early. You can reduce your risk through regular screening.

The idea for Dress in Blue Day originated in 2006 when a CCA volunteer and co-founder of Colon S.T.A.R.S. of Seattle wanted to find an effective way to honor a friend who had recently passed away from colon cancer and recognize others who had lost their fight against colorectal cancer. In 2009, the Colon Cancer Alliance (CCA), excited by the idea, worked with the group to bring national recognition to the Dress in Blue Day.

The CCA is the nations leading colorectal cancer organization focused on meeting individual patient and caregiver needs by connecting each of those diagnosed with a support network through its Online Colorectal Cancer Community, Buddy Program, and Toll Free help line. The CCA is working to get people talking about their colons health and to promote early screenings through education and fun events such as regional seminars, open houses, and the annual Dress in Blue Day.