Dreyfuss goes swimming with the little fishies

Dear Ken: I enjoyed actor Richard Dreyfuss in “American Graffiti,” “Jaws” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” but what other films did he make? The 5-foot-5, Brooklyn-born Dreyfuss, 62, who grew up in Beverly Hills, has got some other fine flicks you might enjoy. Check out “The Goodbye Girl,” “Down and Out in Beverly Hills,” “Stakeout,” “Tin Men,” “Always,” “What About Bob?,” “Mr. Holland’s Opus,” “Poseidon” and “W.” He has several movies coming soon, including “Piranha 3-D” in late August. Just when you thought it was safe to … Dear Ken: What year did Marty Robbins release his hit “El Paso”? How many No. 1 songs did he have?Born near Glendale, Ariz., Robbins died way too young at age 57 in 1982. He sang pop, country and western songs with equal aplomb. “El Paso” hit the charts in 1959 and was the first song to be No. 1 on the pop charts in 1960. He had 17 No. 1 tunes, including “Singin’ the Blues,” “A White Sport Coat,” “Devil Woman,” “Ribbon of Darkness,” “I Walk Alone” and “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife.”     Dear Ken: What can you tell me about Daniela Ruah, who plays special agent Kensi Blye on “NCIS: Los Angeles”? What nationality is she?Ruah, 26, was born in Boston, Mass., descended from a family of Portuguese doctors. When she was 5, the family moved to Portugal where she finished high school and then went to London to study acting. She moved to New York in 2007 and is making good. She won the first season of “Dança Comigo,” the Portuguese version of “Dancing With the Stars.”Dear Ken: What happened to 1940s film star Joan Bennett? She practically disappeared from the silver screen in the early 1950s.Bennett was a marvelous actress, who made more than 70 films but just married the wrong man. Her third husband, producer Walter Wanger, shot her agent in 1951, and Bennett found herself practically blackballed from the movie business. She only made five more movies but did make a comeback of sorts on TV in the Gothic soap opera, “Dark Shadows,” in the 1960s. Her career had three stages She went from blonde babe to sensuous brunette, particularly in the film noirs “The Woman in the Window” and “Scarlet Street,” and then to kindly wife and mother figure. A finalist for the role of Scarlett O’Hara, Bennett died in 1990 at 80 of a heart attack.