Election letters policy explained

By JENNIFER HORTONIt’s election time, again, and races will begin to heat up as the summer progresses.Evidence of that has already been seen here at our newspaper office with the arrival of some letters to the editor regarding different issues of concern this election and why voters should favor one candidate as opposed to another one.The policy of this newspaper is to not publish letters that are essentially endorsements of one candidate over another, nor is it the policy of this newspaper to publish letters that pick a topic or two to highlight one candidate’s stance on the issues versus another candidate’s.Therefore, we will not publish these letters. We will, however, keep them on file should you wish to read them at our office.That is not the kind of newspaper we wish to be. We wish, rather, to focus on Wilson County and the people who live here and do good things every day to make our community better.We do, however, encourage you to vote in the Primary and General Elections in August and in the General Election in November.