Extended Warranty

It seems someone recently purchased the same iPod I was looking at but they foolishly decided against Platinum Protection. The day of the purchase, their toddler dropped it and the glass screen shattered. Even though the iPod was new, they were still required to pay for the repair because it was purchased under the No Platinum Service/No Retailer Fault clause. So for the next few years this poor little customer had to watch distorted episodes of The Sopranos at 5 minute intervals because it would no longer hold a charge.

Who is this iPod for?

Its a Christmas gift for my oldest son.

Awesome, how old is he?

Twelve. The small talk was killing me. I knew what was coming next.

How many years would you like Platinum Protection?

I dont need it.

Do you mind if I ask why?

Is he really allowed to ask me that? This was not the first time Id been backed into a corner over this.

Just over a year ago we purchased a TV and decided to add extra coverage. When the sound stopped working we returned to the store with our soundless television and warranty papers in hand. The associate typed in some information then furrowed his brow. Thats never a good sign.

It looks like you purchased hardware protection and not the total protection plan.

OK, does that matter?

Well yes, you see if your screen was broken, that would be part of the hardware and we would replace it and then wed probably be able to fix the sound while we were replacing the screen. But since the screen isnt broken, its an electrical problem so its not covered. Didnt read your paper work?

So if I take it home and put my shoe through it, youll fix it?

Exactly, but you cant do that now because youre in the system as an electrical problem. Its probably cheaper just to buy a new one. Will that be cash, check or charge?

Thankfully that incident was still fresh on my mind reminded me how useless those plans are.

All the experts say those warranties are a waste of money. Its cheaper to pay for a repair than buy insurance.

You know how hard boys, ESPECIALLY teenage boys can be on their stuff. It would be awful to have this awesome iPod for a couple of days, bust it while wrestling and not get a replacement all because theres no warranty. That would not be a Merry Christmas. Im looking out for you really. So how many years? One, two, three?

What type of warranty comes with it?

Well as soon as you open the package the in-store warranty ends.

Ill take the silver warranty for 6 months.

OK, I hope you have a Merry Christmas anyway. Remember after your warranty expires, we do repair iPods at an hourly rate of $85.

This little twit was trying to intimidate me.

Thanks, Ill remember that.

Christmas came and my oldest was thrilled. He loved his iPod. A few months went by and his wouldnt hold a charge.

So back to the store we went. The clerk typed in some information and before he could say anything, I confidently said, I know this is covered because I made sure to get the Silver coverage.

To which the clerk responded, Yes maam you did, but you purchased this in November and its June. Your 6 month warranty ended in May.

It was a Christmas gift so that means June is the end of 6 months.

No maam the warranty starts on the day you purchased the item. And it looks like the pins are broken or bent in the usb port. We will have to replace the entire mechanism. Its going to be cheaper just to buy a new one. Will that be cash, check or credit?

Electronics of any kind will be ignored on all Christmas lists from now on.

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