Family escapes harm in blaze that claims apartment unit

Lebanon Fire Chief Chris Dowell said two firefighters with the city department also entered the home to assist WEMA in battling the blaze.

Dowell said the family, a father and 4-year-old child, were upstairs where the fire broke out, and the mother was downstairs.

The family escaped without injury. Although the situation was bad, Jewell noted that by the family being home, the fire was discovered early enough to allow firefighters to keep it from spreading to other units.

He said that water was readily available as a fire hydrant was nearby in the complex.

The apartments, he added, were at least 10 years old and were constructed with what he called air barriers, or two small walls in between the units which helped slow the travel of the flames between the residences. That was helpful, too.

No firefighters were injured as a result of the fire. WEMA had a rehab area set up near a tree where firefighters could get liquids such as Gatorade and also their vital signs checked to be sure they were not suffering from heat-related problems.

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