Federal charges sought in bust

The suspects were not identified because they have not yet been charged. Ashe and Lebanon Commissioner of Public Works Billy Weeks also noted that the investigation was continuing in the case and they were not sure how many people might face charges.

“All of them have gang ties,” Ashe said of the suspects.

Close to $160,000 in cash was recovered in the raid along with the drugs. The two handguns found were a Taurus revolver and a Glock. “These are the same weapons our detectives carry,” Weeks said.

Ashe and Weeks praised the efforts of the Task Force. “These guys are doing really good work,” Weeks said.  Ashe concurred, and noted the men and women involved in the Task Force have a dangerous job. “We stand here and congratulate them. The officers get the credit. They’re the people who do the work.”

The officers involved in the Task Force were not identified because of the undercover nature of their work. In a release handed out at Friday’s news conference, Ashe and Weeks noted that “The Task Force ahs been working on this case for several months. It has been only through the cooperation of the agencies involved in the Task Force that cases of this scale can be made.”

 Authorities decided to start seeking Federal charges against suspects in cases like this because of the harsher sentences that can be handed down.

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