Finalists for LHA job revealed

I am not leaving town or going on any great adventures. I will be staying through the end of October. If I was needed once they hire someone, I would come back on a consulting-type basis, he said. Initially, LHA Board Chairman Larry Hubbard declined to release the names of the final seven applicants out of 21 originally citing concerns that they were employed elsewhere.

However, the LHAs attorney, Bob Rochelle, gave Hubbard the go-ahead to release the names. They are: Jon Darden, Vonda Gray, Patrick Johnson, Vincent Muliro, Lucas Puryear, Aaron Rochelle and Raymond Wallace.

Hubbard did note that several of the 21 original applicants were from out of state and that five of them were local. We are still in the interview process. We started on Tuesday and will finish on Thursday night. The board will meet again on Monday to come to a decision, Harding said. If they can agree then they will be called in and offered a position. The search committee is being led by Hubbard, with the help of volunteers Liz Reese, Ronnie Kelly and Vice Chair Bill Durham. The LHA office is staffed by 14 employees and operates on a budget of $1.5 million to $2 million a year.Staff Writer Sabrina Garrett may be contacted at