Former residents shocked at their being mentioned

To the Editor:  Needless to say, Eula and I were surprised to make the May 19 edition of The Wilson Post!How nice to be remembered after such a long time. We're both well. Eula is actively involved with her "butterfly garden" (I, in trying to avoid it!), and both participants in the Sun City Center Security Patrol. (By the way, it's Sun City Center, not just Sun City, another nearby community). In addition, we take two- and three-day trips around the state, rarely going more than a couple hundred miles from SCC.We enjoy The Post and are grateful for the info it provides of folks and events in Wilson County and the area. Sometimes we even scrap over who will get to read it first.  Continue to do the excellent job you're doing.To any of our Wilson County friends, if you're in the area (2 miles east of I-75, 20 miles south of Tampa), we'd love to have you stop and visit. Bill and Eula MartinSun City Center, Fla.(formerly of Lebanon) Letters policy

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