G-Men, FCS dominate 4A awards

Kaelin Cason of Gordonsville and A.J. Long from FCS were Co-Offensive Players of the Year. Gordonsvilles Brandon McCoy and Cody Payne were the Co-Defensive Players of the Year.

All-Region picks from FCS included: Ian Isbell, Tanner Martin, Gregg Norton, Ben Dunn, Cale Mitchell, Hunter Watts, Dylan Hodges, Steven Hollis, Austin Taylor, Andrew Wood, Colton Gaines and Cody Walker.

All-Region selections from Watertown High included: Michael Mobley, Ben Bain, Ty Jobe, Brannon Hill, Robert Davenport, Dylan Mathis, Dakota Self and Jake Belcher.

All-Region honorees from Gordonsville included: Spencer Prichard, Noah King, Nic Payne, Caleb Bush, Jacob Looper, Drake McClain, Tyler Coen, Bradford Haliburton, Luke Pierce, Jess Harris and Andy Garcia-Romo.

Trousdale County Yellowjackets named to All-Region included: Zack Blackwell, Brock Ellis, DJ Basford, Kale Satterfield, Josh Jackson, Seth Calhoun, Kenyan Harper and Hunter Kelley.