God cares about littlest things of our hearts, a.k.a. Cadbury Eggs

Well the hurt resulting from the addiction lead to a time for healing and mending so we parted until God's timing for reconciling.

That first birthday was so hard, for you see it was shortly after my birthday that God used this precious Lady as His Vessel to give me a new, restored life. I'm an only child and very spoiled. My relationship is so close to God that I now express and tell Him everything so I started pouting and even screamed, stamping my feet in my beautiful cabin (which I have due to God: His forgiveness, grace and mercy) and crying for my bestest, truest friend to give me my Cadbury eggs at that time no one else would do. Yeah, awful, I know, I know!

The next day I was getting an MRI and saw a large bowl at the receptionist's desk. The receptionist said it was Easter candy and begged me to take as much of it as I wanted because none of them wanted to take it home. She then left the room, no one else was in the lobby when I looked into the bowl and behold saw not just one, not two, but three full size Cadbury eggs!

I'm sure my eyes grew as big as saucers. I started crying and praising God right there.

The receptionist and then the nurses came running out thinking I was hurt I just couldn't speak right all I could say was He heard me, He cares, He is my bestest friend.

I then managed to settle myself and tell them the story, and they, too, started crying.

They insisted that I take all three for we all felt that He was telling me that I will always get Cadbury eggs from my bestest friend who was given to me by my truest friend for you see it is not only her love but His love that flows through her to me and it is never ending.

A year later I happened to be back in for another MRI and when I walked in the ladies all declared, "The Cadbury Egg Lady!" They told me that they had been telling the story to all their patients that year, how God cares about the littlest things of our hearts.

A few days later I overheard a mother telling her little sweet daughter the Cadbury Egg story, letting her know that God cares even about the littlest of things.

Its awesome how we can spread the story of God's care and love for us.

By the way, God answered my prayer for the Cadbury Eggs on Good Friday.

Editors Note: Vicki Atkinson resides in Mt. Juliet. She is a member of the Wilson County Board of Education.