Haslam speaks to Breakfast Rotary

Responsibilities listed included education, fiscal responsibility, providing a future for the next generation and creating the best work force in the South.

Fresh on the heels of the announcement that the Wilson County Board of Education would be working with the Tennessee Board of Regents to create a career technical center, subject to stipulations, Haslam commented that career technical centers have a graduation rate of 90 percent, as well as, a placement rate of 90 percent.

There is not an Ivy League school that can match that. There has been a ton of growth here recently, he added.

Hutto said that Rotarians do so much to help the community and he was pleased that they were allotted the opportunity to meet the states governor. We are very thankful to him for coming and speaking.

McMurry asked Haslam during a question and answer portion of the meeting if he had any plans to run for President in 2016. Haslam laughed and responded no that he preferred to serve as governor of Tennessee.