Hell on Wheels star Anson Mount a Tennessee boy

Dear Ken: Where is Tim Conway from? Does he have children?

Born Thomas Daniel Conway in Willoughby, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland, the actor, 78, grew up in Chagrin Falls. He was discovered by Rose Marie of The Dick Van Dyke Show and shot to national fame on the sitcom McHales Navy and later starred on The Carol Burnett Show. Married twice, he has six children, and son Tim Conway Jr. is a Los Angeles radio host.

Dear Ken: Who were movie star Ava Gardners husbands and how did she die?

Gardner, who was born in Grabtown, N.C., was married thrice. Her hubbies were movie star Mickey Rooney, band leader Artie Shaw and singer-actor Frank Sinatra. A lifelong smoker, the actress suffered from emphysema and died of pneumonia in 1990 at age 67. She was buried in Smithfield, N.C., a few miles from the community where she was born, and the town is home to the Ava Gardner Museum.

Dear Ken: How many top-10 hits did Roger Miller have?

The Oklahoma singer-songwriter had 12 top-10 tunes including Dang Me, King of the Road, Chug-A-Lug, Engine, Engine, England Swings, Husbands and Wives, Walkin in the Sunshine and Little Green Apples. Miller, who was a heavy smoker for most of his life, died of lung and throat cancer in 1992. He was 56.

by Ken Beck

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