'Hometown' favorite son served in great fashion

After college he returned to his hometown to work in a local industry,become a classroom teacher and also to hold various administrative positions at Castle Heights Military Academy.

In his 75 years of life he was a farmer, coach, educator and elected public official.

Plain-spoken with a down-home style of verbally communicating,Mr. Franklin always sought basic truths and practical answers when serving in government.

Having grown up in Lebanon he had akeen knowledge of where ourcommunity had been and where it was going, a real advantage for anyone during his time of service and even perhaps more so today.

Hechose to serve in public office as amember of the Lebanon CityCouncil, the Wilson County Commission and the Wilson County Board of Education because he wanted only the best for the community he loved so much.

Sure, at times as often is the case in politics, folks may have disagreed with him, criticized him, found what they believed to be fault with ideas he may have espoused, but no one questioned his integrity, his heart or his wanting to do what was best for his hometown or Wilson County.

This certainly is not an unusual trait for many who serve in public office. But indeed it is good to know that there are others who have served and are serving today with the same commitment and same dedication as Don Franklin.

His servicewas exemplary.

by Sam Hatcher