Hope for a better year for 2009

Record drops in the stock market, a record volume of home foreclosures, a record amount of federal dollars contributed to save financial institutions and other American industries, the posting of record losses by some of the most stable U.S. businesses, modern day record unemployment rates, and a host of other record setting events related to the economy have left a not so rosy lasting impression for 2008.

Many in America will awake Thursday morning with the hope that things will be better in 2009.

Perhaps they will.

There is hope, that with a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude, America, together with its political, business and labor leaders can pull itself up from the trenches in which we have plummeted and find a route to a better day ahead.

And there is hope that a new president will have new ideas and new programs to navigate the country on a course to recovery.

Hope is essential.

The late actor Christopher Reeve, paralyzed by a horse riding accident at the top of his career, said, “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible.”

We hope for our readers a very good New Year and urge you to be safe this holiday weekend.