Hot Springs store opens gates for retail on Hwy. 109

Hot Spring Spas of Music City, located in Lebanon since 2003, hosted a ribbon cutting event at its new location on Hwy. 109 this past Thursday.

The companys decision to build its new facility, which is almost equally situated between Hwy. 70 and the I-40 Interchange, makes a statement or perhaps several statements.

First it says that company owners, both residents of Lebanon, brothers Dennis and Kevin Croteau, have confidence in their business and the current economy. As a matter of fact, they have a sufficient amount of confidence that they were willing to invest thousands of dollars in a new structure and new location.

And secondly, their decision to locate the new facility on Hwy. 109 may redefine Lebanons retail boundaries.

A couple of weeks ago Kevin Croteau, speaking about the brothers decision to locate the store where they did, said the passing traffic along Hwy. 109, commuters going back and forth from I-40 to locations in Sumner County, Kentucky and of course Wilson County, and the continued growth in the area helped lead them to the new location.

What for a long time has been viewed as an area reserved primarily for industrial development may be viewed differently in the future.

Hot Spring Spas hosted a ribbon cutting, but more importantly it may have opened the gates for more retail development along Hwy. 109.

The companys new retail facility was built by Hal Bone of Horizon Construction.

Dennis Croteau first became involved in the hot tub business through a career in refurbishing Hot Spring hot tubs in 1992. He opened the Lebanon store in 2003.

Kevin Croteau is retired from the Army and is a member of the Lebanon/Wilson County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. He joined his brother as a partner in the business in 2007.

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