I didn't get any answers from Corker

To the Editor:
I attended a private gathering a few weeks back to meet and hear Senator Bob Corker.

He made a smiling entrance and stood on a small platform to address us. He commented that while we were probably all concerned about the financial condition of our nation, it would probably “hurt our feelings” if Congress began to cut back on Medicare, Social Security and funds for the military.

When he turned and asked for questions, I was the first to wave my hand and this is what I said:
“Senator, it would not hurt my feelings if we stopped sending funds to Egypt to refurbish their mosques, and it would not hurt me at all if we stopped sending foreign aid to the 130 of 192 countries in the world, and it REALLY would not hurt my feelings if we enforced our illegal immigration laws which are costing our country over $383.3 billion a year.”

He then said he didn’t think it was $383.3 billion, not that much, so I asked for his email so that I could send him the statistics. One woman gave me a thumb’s-up to show approval as I asked the question, and another came up to me after the party and said, “He didn’t answer any of your questions, did he?” No, and I didn’t get the email address, either.
Nancy Evins