Inman Court ordeal ends in suicide


A man who killed himself after an hours-long stand-off with authorities this past Friday has been identified.

The man’s name was Roger E. Bray, who would have turned 41 Tuesday, Jan. 27. He resided at 1205 Inman Court, a federal housing project in Lebanon.

The incident began Friday afternoon as police were in the area searching for a female runaway, said Commander Terry Bowman of the Lebanon Police Department.

Bray was outside at the time, and the officer, Beth Troupe, approached him and asked if he had seen the girl. She also asked him if he was the leaseholder of the unit.

Bowman said at that point Bray “took an aggressive attitude” and became physically and verbally abusive. At that point, he said, Bray tried to pull a semi-automatic handgun from his pants. Other officers who were nearby saw the struggle and came to the aid of the officer.

Bray then ran inside his home, Bowman said, adding, “once he was inside, he began firing shots.” The gunshots, he said, occurred in the first 30 minutes of the incident, and no police officers returned fire.

After a time, authorities, which included the SWAT team, sent a robot inside the home and found that Bray was dead, the result of a self-inflicted gunshot.

Bowman said Bray had a criminal record, and he also had a bipolar disorder and had apparently not taken his medication. The incident occurred as law officers from local, state and federal agencies were continuing a roundup of persons in the area suspected of committing a number of crimes. Among the suspects were members of gangs who, authorities have said, do not reside here but go to the housing projects where they allegedly commit crimes.

Bray was not one of the suspects being sought in the roundup, said Commissioner of Public Safety Billy Weeks.

Even so, Weeks said the man represented the type of person authorities were looking for, one who had a criminal record and was in possession of semi-automatic weapon.

In another incident, police are searching for a suspect identified as Jarvis White who allegedly shot several times at a moving vehicle on Sunday night.

Weeks said there some kind of altercation at Les’s Lounge on Bluebird Road and White allegedly followed another vehicle and “shot the daylights out of the car.”

If anyone has information regarding the whereabouts of White, call the LPD at 444-2323.

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