Inventory ordered of Hattons files

The court order states further that the attorneys of record are to “take any and all actions they deem necessary to protect the interests” of Hatton and his clients.

Hatton’s plane crashed last Saturday shortly after it took off from a Guntersville, Ala., airport. The accident claimed his life and two other passengers. One passenger, a child, 7, continues to be listed in critical but stable condition at a Huntsville hospital.

Besides Hatton, passenger Tara Lynn Whitacre of Xenia, Ohio, and her child, Hailee Day, 4, were killed. Gavin Whitacre, Ms. Whitacre’s son is still hospitalized.

Officials with the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are continuing their investigation into the crash of the Piper Cherokee 140.

According to reports, the plane struck some trees and some power lines after it took off from the Guntersville airport and then crashed into a residential subdivision a little more than a mile south of the city. The plane did not strike any homes.

Hatton had a law practice at 104½ Public Square in Lebanon and also maintained a law practice in Xenia, Ohio. Ms. Whitacre, Hatton’s girlfriend, was also a legal assistant in his Ohio office.

An article in the Dayton (Ohio) Daily News said Hatton was an experienced pilot. An attorney who once worked with Hatton and had known him for many years said they talked often and that Hatton was excited about getting a new airplane.

The attorney said Hatton practiced law in Kentucky after graduation from law school at the University of Dayton. He left the practice of law to become a computer programmer and told the attorney he also authored some books about computer programming. He went back to being an attorney and opened an office here in Lebanon.

According to the article, the attorney said he knew Whitacre and that she was good at her job and had hoped to return to school.

She drove to Nashville this past Friday with her two children and then left with Hatton for a weekend trip to Destin Beach, Fla., the article said.