Kudos to Harris, panel


Lynn Harris being “re-hired” as Wilson County’s Administrator of Elections on Wednesday was a great move by the Wilson County Election Commission and a smart move for Wilson County.

Mrs. Harris has been a devoted and most respected servant in the role of Administrator of Elections and has worked tirelessly in making sure that the Election Commission is run in an honest, unpartisan way being fair to all candidates and voters.

Suggesting anything other than that is unfounded and obviously a ploy to take advantage of political power.           I know for a fact when other election commissions have problems they call Lynn Harris to walk them through solutions to their problems.           When mechanical issues flare up, Mrs. Harris and her staff hang in to the end to correct the problems. The team she has assembled to serve Wilson County needs to be commended for the job they do as well. They don’t have the most pleasant offices in the county, nor do they have adequate parking for the amount of traffic they see during election season – but they make the most of it.           To make a change in that position would not have been for the right reasons. I am proud of the commission and their choice to retain Mrs. Harris as administrator. Someday when she decides to retire, we will all have a large pair of shoes to fill.            Congratulations, Lynn.