Lebanon announces spring cleanup & chipper service

Chipper Service -- Please be reminded that residential chipper service is now on a monthly schedule.

The City has been divided into two zones. Zone 1 pickup is the first week of each month.  Zone 2 pickup is the third week of each month. If you are not sure of your zone, contact the City Street Department at 444-0825 ext. 121 or the Commissioner of Public Works office at 443-2824.

Please note that the chipper service is provided for the resident’s routine disposal of limbs/brush 6 inches or less in diameter from wind damage, pruning/trimming of low hanging limbs and shrubs, etc. Items should be placed out the weekend prior to your zone’s pick up.

Brush piles should not exceed 10-feet-by-8-feet-by-5-feet high. Please be reminded, the city will not pick up root balls, stumps or logs. Everyone is reminded also that the service is not for tree topping or the removal of limbs left by a private contractor.