Lebanon minister offers his support for Bible Park plans

To the Editor:

If anyone really wants to discover what the proposed Bible Park may depict,just take a moment and visit the website (if you have a computer and can get online) at www.bibleparkusa.com. Some of the answers are there. And I would expect these answers to eventually appear in this park, when or if it ever gets over the huge walls of government red tape and, of course, those who may only want their brand of Bible seen or heard.

By the way, I read that many well-respected, well-known theologians have been and are involved in this endeavor. In case you don't have access to the Internet, here is just one very small portion of what is proposed: "Children of all ages will love running through the large-scale Noah's Ark and viewing a short play with actors dressed as animals to tell the beloved story." Or how about this one: In the Teen Area, the anchor attraction is "The Bible: The Greatest Adventure Ever," an exciting indoor experience. Additional attractions in the Teen Area include a coffee house, a music store, an arcade (no violent games) and other features designed specifically to attract teens, interest them and provide a safe, positive environment." And relax folks, no naked-people Bible stories are proposed. Gee, I wonder if this park may really be an answer for some parents? Or it could be that some parents would rather their kids continue to go to the malls and hang out there? Or stay home and play video games?

Does this mean that I am convinced that this Bible Park will pass the smell test of every parent or every preacher and pastor and religion in town? Absolutely not! Maybe not even mine personally, in every aspect. And it will not be the complete and perfect place to answer all biblical questions and present a perfect Jesus. But it seems to be something that could turn out to be just one more positive opportunity or tool to engage our families, friends and children in at least "something" about God and the Bible for a change, instead of just Sponge Bob, Hannah or Britney and TV shows like "Secret Life of an American Teen' or whatever Hollywood and Madison Avenue wants to sell.

Don't get me wrong; every proper step should be taken to protect our citizens from any fraud or misuse of our tax dollars. (Bail-out money anyone?) And maybe some of the accusers and naysayers or commissioners are sincere in their efforts to do that very thing. But if there is indeed any illegal or immoral activity, let them bring it out and lay it on the table instead of making broad, unsubstantiated accusations against people whom I know personally to be upright and good guys; and besides, they are duly elected officials who are at least trying to do the right thing for their city and county. Because as far as I know, none of them have ever been so blatantly and harshly accused, and none have ever been involved or found guilty of any fraud or wrong-doing against the people of Wilson County or Tennessee. Nor do I believe that is what they intend or will allow with this park.

And if there is going to be a serious investigation of the Bible Park proponents and their attempts to bring good things to this area, maybe we should also do a complete personal-heart inspection of the accusers and any possible, hidden motivations behind their loud and vacant ranting to dismiss this park and everyone behind it as "frauds."

Maybe those accusers are the real bad guys here, who knows? And, while we're at it, let's do an investigation of the motives behind those who want to play time-wasting "Robert's-Rules-of Order" games. As I see it, some of these accusers have not only picked up the first stone, they seem to have already thrown it at their selected targets, guilty or not.

And what is their alternative proposal to bring positive growth or jobs to this area? Do they intend to leave the junk yard and land unused like it is and have "nothing" at all? Maybe they would prefer we hire some people to move the junk from one lot to another for about 10 years and get a government grant for that grand purpose? Is that what they were elected to do? Just cast stones, play political games and hold out for whatever else may, or may not, come along?

And just in case you may be curious, no, I don't have a vested monetary interest in this park. Not a penny! I'm just a citizen and simple preacher who is longing for a little positive light in this present cultural darkness. And if this Bible Park is ever completed and displays the scenes they say they will, I will be glad to buy a bunch of tickets and pay a little extra inside to help cover the financing something positive for a change.

David BraddyLebanon

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