Lebanon wins 12th straight county meet


High Jump: 1st A. Springette (LHS) 410; 2nd Bryant (WC); 3rd Rambang (LHS).Long Jump: 1st Raines (MJ) 144; 2nd Griffin (LHS); 3rd Ward (WC).Triple Jump: 1st Raines (MJ) 313; 2nd M. Springette (LHS); 3rd Whitley (LHS).Shot Put: 1st Cason (LHS) 287.5; 2nd Williamson; 3rd Jackson (LHS).Disc: 1st Hayes (WC) 808; 2nd Williamson (LHS); 3rd Cason (LHS).3200: 1st Blankenship (WC) 13:36; 2nd C. Strickland (LHS); 3rd B. Strickland (LHS).High Hurdles: 1st Dowell (LHS) 18.17; 2nd /3rd tie Burroughs (FC) & Brown (LHS).4 X 100: 1st LHS 50.56; 2nd MJ; 3rd WC.4 X 800: 1st WC 11:36; 2nd MJ; 3rd LHS.100: 1st A. Springette (LHS) 12.9; 2nd Crawford (MJ); 3rd Rodriguez.1600: 1st Blankenship (WC) 6:12; 2nd Alexander (MJ); 3rd C. Strickland (LHS)4 X 200: 1st LHS 1:54; 2nd MJ; 3rd WC.400: 1st Thorne (LHS) 1:02; 2nd Carrillo (LHS); 3rd Trujillo (LHS).Low Hurdles: 1st White (LHS) 53.9; 2nd Brown (LHS); 3rd Burroughs (FC).800: 1st Rambang (LHS) 2:44; 2nd Alexander (MJ); 3rd F. Rushing (LHS).200: 1st Thorne (LHS) 2nd; M. Springette (LHS); 3rd Griffith (LHS).4 X 400: 1st LHS; 2nd MJ; 3rd WC.

Wilson Central's Taylor Blankenship won two events, the 3200 and the 1600. Aisha Springette claimed first place finishes in both the high jump and the 100 meters for LHS. Halle Raines captured first place medals in the long jump and triple jump for Mt. Juliet.

BOYSHigh Jump: 1st Garnett (LHS) 62; 2nd Williams (LHS).Long Jump: 1st Reynolds (LHS) 186; 2nd Chaplin (MJ); 3rd Garnett (LHS).Triple Jump: 1st Williams (LHS) 3711; 2nd Reynolds (LHS); 3rd Gilbert (MJ).Shot Put: 1st Thomas (LHS) 384.5; 2nd Osie (LHS); 3rd Jones (LHS).Disc: 1st Thomas (LHS) 11411; 2nd Miller (WC); 3rd Crutchfield (WC).3200: 1st Britt (LHS) 10:51; 2nd Reeves (LHS); 3rd Montgomery (LHS).High Hurdles: 1st Williams (LHS) 17.04; 2nd Grooms (LHS); 3rd Crutchfield (WC).4 X 100: 1St WC 44.25; 2nd LHS; 3rd MJ.4 X 800: 1st MJ 8:53; 2nd LHS.100: 1st Simmons (WC) 11.06; 2nd Cason (LHS); 3rd Frazier (LHS).1600: 1st Britt (LHS) 4:54; 2nd Reeves (LHS); 3rd Burns (LHS).4 X 200: 1st LHS 1:35; 2nd WC; 3rd MJ.400: 1st Cross (LHS) 51.6; 2nd Sanchez (LHS); 3rd Gilbert (MJ).Low Hurdles: 1st Willisms (LHS) 45.6; 2nd Crutchfield (WC); 3rd Grooms (LHS).800: 1st Sanchez (LHS) 2:13; 2nd Twomey (MJ); 3rd Bender (LHS).200: 1st Chaplin (MJ) 22.6; 2nd Frazier (LHS); 3rd Taylor (FC).4 X 400: 1st MJ; 2nd LHS; 3rd WC.

Lebanon's Mark Britt won both the 3200 and the 1600. Lebanon's Marqualis Williams captured first place in both the triple jump and the high jump. Colton Thomas won both the shot put and the discus for the Blue Devils.

The District 9AAA Championship meet begins next week with Lebanon High hosting the pole vault and triple jump finals Monday. Other field events and as well as the 3200 finals will be Tuesday at Hendersonville High.

Preliminaries for the hurdles, 100, 200 and 400 races will also be held at that time. Running finals (except 3200) will be at Hendersonville Thursday.