Lee: Sales tax up 3% compared to April 09

In other business, as a follow-up to his question at the May 4 meeting, Barry Owens asked Mayor Philip Craighead if he had given any thought about the Citizens’ Review Board.

“I have been working on that this past week,” Craighead said. “I’ve been calling around to see what kind of interest we would have in participating in the board.”

Craighead later announced that the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center at the Prime Outlets-Lebanon shopping center opened Tuesday in Suite 273. He also said that the Flood Relief Store was open and ready to give people clothes, toiletries, and other supplies in Suite 160.

Public Works Commissioner Jeff Baines announced that unless it was rained out, mosquito spraying would begin this Thursday in the same trouble spots sprayed last year.

Ward 1 Councilor Alex Buhler suggested they spray Coles Ferry Village. Baines said that though not everyone in that neighborhood wanted the spraying, he would look into it.

Two ordinances set to rezone properties in Ward 3 were halted by the ward’s William Farmer, the councilor who represents that ward, because they had not followed the law in that they did not have a sworn statement that no city employee was involved in the deal.

“I’ve sat back and not said anything about this, thinking that it would be handled before the second reading, but it is the law,” Farmer said, before moving to defer both ordinances until all of the paperwork was submitted.