Liberty at the cost of justice?

To the Editor: Many Americans fear the loss of their liberties, and are struggling to save and restore them. But I worry that in their fervor they are losing sight of justice. Many speak of corroding liberties, but who speaks of injustice? Justice is the foundation of liberty: to forsake justice is to forfeit liberty. The Founders wrote the Constitution to both “establish justice” and “secure the blessings of liberty.” Liberty alone will not secure our well-being. In a good society, justice restrains the freedom to act. A person may not murder because it is unjust. He may not steal, swindle, or bear false witness, because it is unjust. When we cry out that a person or the government has infringed on our liberties, we do so in the name of justice.  There is no other appeal; justice is the arbiter of liberty. To evaluate politicians, like Rand Paul, who claim to work for liberty, we must ask ourselves if their policies and proposals are just.  And when we vote for a candidate, we must not vote for his commitment to liberty, but for his devotion to justice.    William RamsayLebanon 

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