Local business learns lesson after phone service switch

By JOHN B. BRYANThe Wilson Post

A Lebanon business trying to save a few bucks on telephone service has learned a valuable lesson in making a communication transition.           Chester Jordan of Jordan’s Catering, a long-time and well-known catering company in Wilson County, thought he’d try switching his telephone service from ATT to Vonage several weeks ago. That’s where the nightmare began.           “We were going to switch our telephone service to Vonage but they couldn’t handle the switch in our particular situation for whatever reason, so we had them switch it back to ATT,” Jordan tried to explain.           “The bottom line is that we have been without consistent telephone service for our business going on 18 days,” he added.           Jordan said he knows he has lost business because of the mix-up and wonders how many new customers have gone somewhere else when they heard the recording “this number is no longer in service.”           “It’s a nightmare. We are trying to get the word out and hopefully by the time this story hits your newspaper, our number 615-444-7651 should be back in service,” Jordan said.          “We’ve been on the phone with ATT and Vonage for hours trying to get it back. It’s a mess. I have talked to some really nice people and some really rude people,” he added.          Jordan went on to say he now is publishing two new numbers for customers to call for his services, 615-444-0138 and 615-754-3400.