LPD charges 2 with filing false reports, 3rd case under investigation

From Post staff reports

Lebanon Police Department has recently charged two people with filing a false report and a third incident remains under investigation.

A news release from Chief Scott Bowen said the first incident involved Lois Wade, 42, of 716 Mulberry Street, Lebanon, who was charged with filing a false report, resisting arrest and shoplifting from Dollar General on Sparta Pike on Dec. 4, 2012.

According to the news release, Wade on Dec. 5, 2012 filed a formal complaint with the police department, alleging that officers punched her in the face and choked her in the back of the patrol car. Though Wade would never return to the police department to be interviewed further about her allegations, the complaint was fully investigated and found to have no truth.

In addition, It was found that Wade was never punched in the face or elsewhere, nor was she choked. Wade could be heard on the in-car cameras audio system screaming and cussing at the transporting officer on her way to the Wilson County Jail and while officers waited for a corrections officer to transport her inside the jail, Wade could be heard making hacking noises.

When officers opened the door to escort Wade into the booking area, she threw her head back in such a way that officers believed she was preparing to spit on them. Upon this realization, an officer placed his hand on her forehead in an effort to prevent her from swinging her head forward to spit on him. A full investigation took place and Wade was subsequently charged with filing a false report. The case is currently pending in Criminal Court, the release said.

In another case, Charles Dettloff, 44, of 511 Prichard Street, Lebanon, was charged with filing a false report and tampering with evidence after he reported that he was robbed and stabbed by two unidentified white males in the creekbed between Cainsville Road and Tater Peeler Road on Feb. 25.

Dettloff described the stabbing as a back and forth slashing motion during the assault. Dettloff had on three shirts, and all three did have one horizontal tear in the abdomen area. However, the scratches on Dettloffs abdomen did not match the tears in the shirt as they were vertical, according to the news release.

Officers also noticed that the tear did not look fresh as the edges were frayed as if it had been washed since the tear occurred. After further investigation, it was determined that Dettloffs allegations were false. Dettloff admitted to officers that he and his wife had not been getting along and he fabricated the story in an effort to get attention.

A third incident that also occurred on Feb. 25 is still under investigation. In that incident, a woman reported that she was parked in the library parking lot when an unidentified male entered her vehicle with an ignited butane lighter, threatening to burn her face if she screamed.

Initial reports said that he pushed her head into the steering wheel and took the womans ATM card and the face plate to her CD player, before fleeing on foot into the woods behind the library.

After further investigation, detectives discovered that she lied about the incident and subsequently admitted that it actually took place on South Maple at a house near Zips when she tried to buy illegal narcotics.

Charges are expected to be filed in the case.