Malcolm star Muniz plays drums, races cars

Dear Ken: I just caught a few scenes of a new lawyer TV series on TV which stars a famous actress, but I can’t remember her name. What’s the name of the show and who is she?The show is “Harry’s Law,” and the star is Memphis native and Oscar winner Kathy Bates. The series was widely panned by critics but has proven to be NBC’s breakout hit of the new year. Bates plays Harriet Korn, a patent lawyer who walks away from her successful career to represent lost causes and hard-luck cases in a down-in-the-dump Cincinnati neighborhood. The show was created by David E. Kelley, the creative genius behind “Boston Legal.”

Dear Ken: How many siblings does Charlie Sheen have? How old is his actor father, Martin Sheen?The highest-paid actor in television, Sheen, 45, was born Carlos Irvin Estevez and has two brothers, Emilio and Ramon Estevez, and a sister, Renee Estevez. All three siblings of his are also actors. Charlie’s father, actor Martin Sheen, was born Ramon Gerardo Antonio Estevez to an Irish mother and Spanish father. Martin is 70. 

Dear Ken: Where were country music legends Roy Acuff, Eddie Arnold and Chet Atkins born?They’re all Volunteer Staters. Acuff, the king of country music, was born in Maynardville, Tenn. Sweet-voiced Arnold was born in Henderson, Tenn. “Mr. Guitar,” Chet Atkins was born in Luttrell, Tenn.

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