McAvoy found Arthur unbearably nice

Dear Ken: What other shows has Emily VanCamp of Revenge been in?

Canadian-born VanCamp, 24, starred as Amy Abbott in Everwood and played Rebecca Harper in Brothers & Sisters. She made her TV debut age 13 in an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? She also played a young Jackie in the TV movie Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis and was in the films Carriers and Black Irish. This past spring she starred in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, Beyond the Blackboard.

Dear Ken: I just saw John Waynes great cattle drive western Red River. Where was it filmed?

The 1948 movie, which followed cowboys driving a herd of longhorns to Missouri along the Chisholm Trail, was shot in Arizona and Mexico. Director Howard Hawks used more than 9,000 steers, and the 500 actors and extras were garbed in duplicate authentic costumes, thus the original $3 million budget shot nearly $1 million over but the attention to details paid off. This is also the only movie thatfather and son, Harry Carey and Harry Carey Jr., made together. The senior Carey was idolized by John Wayne when he was a boy, and Duke considered Carey the greatest western actor of all time.

Dear Ken: When did Allen Funt and Durward Kirby of Candid Camera fame die?

Funt died in 1999 at age 84 from complications following a stroke he suffered in 1993. Kirby died in 2000 at 88 of congestive heart failure.

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