Meeting to address underage drinking


Wilson County Community Partnership is sponsoring a Town Hall Meeting to discuss concerns regarding underage drinking in the community. April is Alcohol Awareness Month, said Greg Smith, president of the organization, and members felt such a meeting would be good to engage young people and parents here in the issue.

The Town Hall Meeting will be from 6 until 8 p.m., Tuesday, April 13 in the Town Meeting Hall, City of Lebanon Administration Building at Castle Heights.

Guest speaker will be Blake McMeans, who as a teenager was an athlete, a tennis star, who went out one night, became intoxicated, got behind the wheel of his vehicle and had a wreck.

Smith said McMeans was in a coma for more than three months, and the accident left the young man a paraplegic. McMeans now speaks to young people and parents about the dangers of underage drinking and driving. Visit for more information.

Smith said there will also be a panel discussion with local officials including Judge Barry Tatum who presides over the majority of cases in court involving juveniles.

The real message of the Town Hall Meeting, Smith said, is “to get parents to talk to their children” about underage drinking.

More information about the Town Hall Meeting will be available as the event approaches. Editor Jennifer Horton may be contacted at