Memorial Day offers time for pause

From Post staff reports
On Memorial Day Monday, May 30, many who have served in U.S. military uniforms will surely pause and remember their experiences and also remember those with whom they served who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Hubert Clemmons of Lebanon, a World War II veteran, is one of those. Joining the Army at age 19, Clemmons was eventually assigned to the 98th Bomb Group, an organization known as “The Pyramidiers.”

The 98th Bomb Group gained fame during the war for its low-level, long-range attack on vital oil refineries in Nazi-controlled Romania on August 1, 1943.

A longtime businessman in Lebanon and now retired, Clemmons points out that he was not a member of the 98th Bomb Group during the period of the raids on Romania but did serve with the unit on missions in Italy during the war.

In October his old unit is planning a reunion to be held in Shreveport, La.
According to a newsletter announcing reunion plans, the attack on Romania oil fields resulted in heavy losses of aircraft and crews.

“About a third of the airplanes and crews that took part were lost and few of the airplanes that survived were in any condition to fly again after the attack,” the newsletter states.