Mike Davis scores high on BOE evaluation

The board members did have their concerns about Davis. Zone 3 board member Don Weathers was disappointed with how the tennis court situation was handled, and didn’t like that the plans were changed for the new Lebanon High School without board approval.

Zone 4 board member Ron Britt said he was “more than impressed” with Davis. He did, however, have some concerns with his leadership style.

“If I want to be positive, I will say determined, if I want to be negative, I would say stubborn,” Britt said. “Probably either one of those words is OK, but I don’t think either of those are bad words.”Zone 1 board member Vikki Adkins echoed some of Britt’s comments and concerns.

“Ron, you kind of took my thunder there,” Adkins joked.

She said it was partially the board’s fault on some of her concerns, and believed they will be able to work on that in the future.

Zone 2 board member Bill Robinson praised Davis.

“I think we are on the same page a lot, because we both came from education,” Robinson said. Robinson said that he understands that children are their first concern, but he noted that the board needs take care of the employees as well.

“It only takes one of them to make a bad day in the schools business,” Robinson said.

Davis was appreciative of the Board’s comments and planned to move forward with it.

“There are things we could do better, and I will take this as constructive criticism,” he said.

The budget for the upcoming fiscal year was also on the agenda. Due to some setbacks, one-time funding was going to be have to be used from emergency funds to help pay for items.

Britt and Weathers were concerned about using money that wouldn’t be there every year.

“I’m not willing to sign my name to a budget that can’t sustain itself,” Britt said.

“I can’t vote for a budget that is not a status quo budget,” Weathers added.

Davis said that he didn’t see this as a recurring thing, and that the school system had well above the state limit in emergency funds. Britt and Weathers did not vote for the budget, but it received three yes votes from Lasater, Adkins and Robinson to pass.

Editor’s Note: Kenny Howell is the managing editor of The Chronicle of Mt. Juliet. He may be contacted at Editor@thechronicleofmtjuliet.com.