Monkey on my back

The monkey of course is dressed like a little human jokey. Everyone screams for their favorite and when the race is all said and done, I insist each of my children take a picture with the monkey at $8 a pop.

Im drawn to this event like a bee to honey. And not so much because of the dogs or the monkey but because of the man behind them both.

I first met Frank five years ago.

We were at the Fair and stumbled upon his attraction. One of my kids begged to take a photo with his rather pricey monkey, and in a funnel cake induced haze, I whole-heartedly agreed.

As we stood in line waiting, I struck up a conversation with the man working the monkey photo line.

Frank is fromNew York. He is married. Has one small child and spends his days workingcarnivals around the country in an RV. And Im talking nice RV air conditioned, sub-zero fridge, hard wood floors, tile shower an RV that looks nicer than many of the places I have lived.

As Frank and I talked more, he asked me what I did for a living and I told him I was a lawyer.

He laughed I used to be one too! Gave it all up and Ive never been happier.

There are a handful of momentous occasions in my life: that day I graduated from school, the day I got married, each of the days I had my childrenand the day I met Frank a.k.a. the monkey man.

On my really bad days, when my feet hurt in my high-heeled shoes and my mind is numb from thinking and my eyes are tired from reading, I daydream about the monkey man.

Brody says Im slightly obsessed with Frank and his monkeys as every year I make a mad dash to the back of the Fair to see if Frank is there.

To see if the monkey man still exists.

And Frank never fails me. He is always there wearing his hat, shorts and Hawaiian inspired flowered print shirt. He is the master of ceremonies as the music starts up and he readies his dogs and monkeys.

He is the epitome of pure joy. He is my hero.

And at $8 per monkey photo, he is the smartest attorney that I know!

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